Lake Tahoe CAM Shooting Gallery. Various shots of the Tahoe Cam, taken recently.

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Glider at the Trucke airport coming in for a landing.

Pilot Steve Asher


Squaw Valley Ski Area as seen from a glider fly over.

An early Lake Tahoe morning at the High Sierra Ski School.

Heckler, owner of Heckler Brau Brewing Company, fueling up the boat.

A lightning bolt strikes down on Lake Tahoe.

And another...

A hike up Shirley Canyon(Squaw Valley) reveals a river waterfall.

A beam of light enters the camera lense from the breaking clouds...

Squaw creak after a morning shower.

A cloudy morning over Squaw creak.

Thunderheads forming over Lake Tahoe.

Geese find food near the shores of Tahoe.

Byrom rips a turn.


Todd Hipsley of High Sierra Water Ski School warms up before work.

Braly Joy jumps the wake.

Heckler jumps the wake.

Suntanning at Chamber Landing.

The bar and grill at Chambers.

A boat at Sunnyside Pier.

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